How Do They Work? Getting Opt-ins What to Do Next?

SMS Keywords: Quick Money from Opt-ins

A keyword is something people text you to opt in for info—like "COUPON" to get discounts. Below we’ll show you how to use these to create red hot leads.


1. How Do They Work?

Pick a word that matches what you have to offer.

Make it clear to the customer what they’re opting into. You have the option to create an autoreply that tells them exactly when and what kind of messages to expect. 

"Thanks for subscribing! Once a month we’ll text you discounts, seasonal plan opportunities, and general maintenance advice. - Gary’s HVAC" 

The lead will then be added to a keyword subscriber list that you can text again and again for future promos and offers.


2. Getting Opt-ins

The more enticing your offer, the more likely a consumer will text.

Display your keywords everywhere to maximize on opt-ins:

  • Brick-and-mortar locations

  • Social media

  • Digital ads

  • Physical marketing collateral

 Your offer could be something like:

“Text COOLING to get 20% off your next seasonal tune-up.”

text message keyword example

3. What to Do Next?

Congrats, people are texting your keyword! 

You now have a subscriber list to send relevant info and promos to ongoing. Our three golden rules for keeping these opt ins? 

  1. Give them what they ask for

  2. Don't send messages too frequently

  3. Encourage two-way conversations

Pro Tip: Start profitable conversations by prompting subscribers to reply to your texts.

Want to dive deeper? Check out our guide, 5 Steps to Mastering Lead Generation Through Text Messaging.

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