3 Ways to Use Picture Messaging in Business

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We use picture messaging all the time. It's a beloved part of everyday life in today's culture. It's used for laughs, for sharing memories, for passing along information, and more. When someone isn't beside you who needs to be seeing what you're seeing, you text them a pic. It's also applicable in business. Have you ever thought of that? There's at least three distinct ways to use picture messaging in business.

"What are you seeing?"

If you are any brand involved in tangible products or physical space, you have asked this question. Cleaning service? You need to see a space to give an estimate. Moving company? How much furniture does that family really have (or how tight are those doorways)? Computers and IT? Get a picture of the wiring. Landscaping? See what kind of space you're working with. If your organization has a customer service department, you've probably had to have someone explain to you what they were seeing. Why talk when a picture says it all?

"What does this mean?" or "Where is that?"

Customers - even prospects - are always finding things they don't understand. Maybe it's a line in a contract. Maybe it's something on your website, like an error message. Maybe it's an unexpected bill. If you've been in business at all, you've been surprised by what people get confused by. Rather than wasting your time and company dollars on the phone with these special characters, trying to discern their reason for calling among a tirade of frustration, just solve the situation with a quick picture message and the inevitably simple answer that goes along with it.

Picture Messaging in Business Meme

Along the same vain, there are customers in every industry who can't find something you've given them, like their account number, password, instructions for X, or any number of things. If we're honest, we've all been this person at one point or another. If I can't find my account number, let's say, I've got to search online for where to find it - which should be easy, but usually isn't. Or I could shoot a text into your customer service department asking how to find it, and quickly receive a simple photo highlighting where I need to go. That's just better for everyone.

"Here's more information on that."

One thing I'm so glad we did was create a general information picture that we text out to those who ask for more information. As a brand, this has several benefits. One, we get the prospect's cell phone in order to text them the image. Texting brings anywhere from 100% - 500% higher response rates than email and phone calls, so that's in our favor. Two, it saves us an incredible amount of time. If you email someone, they're not going to open any attachments, and they'll expect whatever you send them to be both personal and thorough. That takes time to create. Shooting off a picture you share with everyone saves time while setting the expectation of "this is how we do things."

Three, picture messaging is easier for the consumer, because it's an easily accessible image. There's no wading through paragraphs of text to find a link that takes you to some other webpage. It's just a simple, albeit effective, image. And four, when it comes to providing more information, you can do worlds more with a picture than with plain text. The brain processes imagery faster than text, which means you can use all those awesome infographics and other aesthetics to fantastic results.

It's okay to use picture messaging in business. In many situations, it's something that should be done. If it would make a situation easier, save you money, or increase revenue (all three of which are possible), then picture messaging in business makes sense for you. Get started with Text Request.