5 Ways Professional Recruiters Fill More Positions by Texting Candidates

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There’s always a better way to do something. I’m going to show you a better way to connect with candidates, move them through the interview process, and fill more positions. Sound good?

Actually, I’m going to show you how other professional recruiters are doing this.

The simple answer is by texting with candidates, but I’ll go into detail on how and why they’re texting, so you can get the same great results.


1. Reviewing applicant resumes

We send pictures and screenshots for everything these days, don’t we? So why not send resumes as pictures?

You can have a candidate text you their resume, screen it from your desktop or phone, make suggestions for improvement as needed, and even forward the image on to one of your corporate interviewers.

One question: Why wouldn’t you do this via email?

Because the average email takes over six hours to be seen! (If it’s seen at all.) Do you know how long a text takes? About five seconds on average.

Time is money. Sharing resumes and feedback via text saves you, candidates, and companies valuable time and money. That’s a win-win-win.

2. Screening new applicants

You don’t work with every applicant you get, and every candidate doesn’t get an interview.

You’ve got a system and criteria for who gets to the next step, and you often send folks through a phone interview to weed out people that won’t be a good fit. Why not cut that step entirely?

Lots of recruiters have.

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Instead of playing email and phone tag to set up a 5-10 minute call, they’re following up with candidates via text. A few clarifying questions later, and they know whether a candidate will be good to work with.

These conversations even happen during the work day. People won’t answer personal calls or emails while they’re at work, but they’ll text all day.

3. Scheduling appointments and interviews

How much time do you spend on the phone playing phone tag, leaving voicemail, and generally trying to reach candidates?

Most recruiters spend a couple of hours a day doing this (before texting). With one text to any or all of your candidates (yes, you can send BCC group messages), you can set up a face-to-face or a call to get to know them better. E.g.:

Hey! Got your resume. Do you have an hour to sit down this week and talk? Thanks! - Kevin @ Robert Half

You’ll get responses almost instantly - and get back hours of lost productivity.

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4. Sending interview reminders and encouragement

You’ve been working with a candidate, and you’ve gotten them an interview. Great!

It’d be terrible if they forgot about the interview - or if they got lost, or forgot to take something important with them. Wouldn’t it?

All your hard work would go right down the drain!

The easy fix is to text your candidate a reminder about the interview time and date - maybe who it’s with and a last minute tip. E.g.:

Hey Howie! Remember your interview with Brian is today at 2pm. 1601 Gulf St, #200, 37408 FYI he likes when people listen and have questions about the company.

Your candidate gets help, and can now pull up directions with a single click from their phone. This helps them look good and perform well. And as you know, when your candidate looks good, you look good.

5. Asking for online reviews

Reviews are one of the most influential marketing tools. People always want to know what it’s going to be like to work with you before they decide to work with you.

How does texting help?

Let’s say you’ve just done something really good. You found the perfect person to fit your corporate client’s need, and that perfect person also wanted a new position. The whole process went smoothly, and everyone’s happy.

Great! Now capitalize on that. Send a text to your candidate, and another to your client, asking them to share their experience on Google (or Facebook, or Glassdoor, or wherever people are most likely to find you). E.g.:

I’m so glad things went well! Would you be up for leaving [me/us] a review on Google? It helps us a lot. goo.gl/myrecruiter Thank you!

Not only will you look good, but the whole company will look good (and you’ll likely get more clients and candidates because of it). Again, that’s a win-win-win!

For more details, review our guide to get more online reviews.

How can professional recruiters start texting with candidates?

With Text Request it’s easy. Text Request is an online dashboard for texting. Your whole team can use one account (with separate logins), and you can each start texting with your direct office number.

These messages can be checked from your computer or phone at any time, and calls still go to your office line like always.

Texting through Text Request is a simple, effective way to connect with candidates and create a better experience for everyone. Text Request also has no contracts, full (free) customer support, and a 30-day money back guarantee.

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