13 Texts You Should Send to Warm Leads to Close More Sales

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You know those leads who’ve done their research, like what you offer, but just need a little nurturing to get across the finish line? Closing these warm leads is crucial to your sales (and to your personal success), but how do you keep them interested without scaring them away?

Text them.

You’ll be able to stay relevant, grab prospects’ attention, and offer unique value that out competes your competitors. I’m going to break down four opportunities to text warm leads, and give you 13 examples texts that you can (and should) send to warm leads to close more sales.

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4 Opportunities to Text Warm Leads

Beginner Sales Rule #1: Take notes during your sales conversations.

You’ll need that information to properly follow up with your leads, to know where they stand in the buying process, and to share any resources to have that will help guide them through the next stage of your funnel.

Once you’ve got the info, here’s how you use it.


1. Solve their problems they have mentioned before.

Chances are, leads are talking to you because they have some problem they think you can help them solve. And you probably can, but it’ll take more than one phone call or product demo to do it.

This is a great opportunity to text your warm leads informational videos, blog posts, or other resources that will teach them how to fix their problems (and maybe how you do it for them).

It is especially nice if you can send them content that has been created by your business. This helps strengthen the relationship between you and your leads, and gives your brand some more clout.

Here are a few examples:

“Hey John, During our talk you said you were trying to make better content, here is a blog we wrote that could help you. https://bit.ly/2Jx5Fg3

“You mentioned you were trying to get more local leads. This article should help 👍 https://www.textrequest.com/blog/optimize-google-business-profile-for-local-seo/

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The most effective content to share will be resources that directly help prospects solve their problems, but you can also share content which that particular person will find helpful regardless of your branding. E.g.

“Alyx, I know you’re slammed and trying to get more done, so I thought you’d appreciate this post of ours on How to Get More out of Office Meetings https://www.textrequest.com/blog/office-meeting/

You can send messages like these a day after your first interaction with a lead, a week after, or whenever fits your sales cycle best. (You may want to try a few different timelines to see which is most effective.)

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2. Keep up with prospects professionally to build relationships.

People want to work with people they have a relationship with. If you want to convert warm leads, you should be following them and their business on LinkedIn and other social media platforms. Keep up with what they’re doing, and recognize any accomplishments they have.

A quick “Congratulations!” text might just be the golden ticket to another sale. You’ll at least stand out among competitors.


“Hey Jan, Just saw on LinkedIn you got a promotion! Congratulations!🎉”

“Hey Mike, saw an article in Forbes placing your company in the top 100 fastest growing small business, congratulations.”

“Saw you guys hired a new [position]. Glad to see you’re growing! - Nathan @ SomeCompany”

You can also make the moment more special by adding a GIF to your message.

“Just saw your company made Forbes 100 best small businesses! Text Request wants to help you place higher on that list.”

You don’t even have to sell here (and you probably shouldn’t). They know who you are and what you do. This is just an opportunity to strengthen your relationship.

3. Follow up on any activity (engagement) they have with your brand.

Most contact relationship manager tools (CRMs) let you create alerts and triggers when a contact performs an action on your site, and there are certain actions that provide great opportunities for you to reach out via text, like:

  • Clicking on an ad
  • Viewing your pricing page
  • Downloading a guide or ebook
  • Joining a webinar
  • Viewing [10] pages of your site during one session

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Set up a few key events for you and your team to monitor, then check in through text as opportunities come up. You might say:

“Hey Mike, thanks for watching the webinar! Let me know if you have any last questions. Also here is a blog that talks those same themes. https://bit.ly/2VWt3dS

“Hey Jan! 👋🏽 Saw that you just downloaded our new guide! Let me know if you have any questions about it. I’m happy to help.”

“Hey Sarah, Just read your comment on social! So happy you agree with us, I would love to talk with you more about it!”

Texts like this are acknowledging and inviting to your warm leads. It shows them that you haven’t left them and that you are just trying to add value. They also let you engage prospects at the moment they’re already thinking about your brand.

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4. Thank them for all they’ve done.

Anytime a lead meets with you, has a phone call with you, or invests any other chunk of time with you, they should receive a thank you text. These thank you texts show appreciation - which goes a long way in sales - and are good excuses to keep an open line of communication.


Do not use these texts to push a sale. Just be personable. E.g.:

“Thanks for talking with me today, I appreciate your time. Let me know if I can be a resource to you.”

“Mike, thank you so much for coming by our booth today!”

“Jan, thanks again for meeting with me today. Always good to chat with a fellow [XYZ] fan.”

Over time, texts like these - and those listed in the other three points - are going to build stronger relationships with warm leads, and give you more opportunities to add value. Both of these will help you close more sales.

How do we start texting?

You can text from your cell phones, sure. But the best way to get started is by setting up a system that allows you to text all of your clients, customers, or leads via text in a professional way. Text Request will do that for you.

It allows you to text from your current business phone numbers, with unlimited users and unlimited contacts.

Want to see how it works? Just grab a time for a quick demo. We’ll show you how to create templates and autoresponses, how to connect it with your CRM, and most importantly how to text warm leads to convert more sales.