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18 Texts You Should Send During the Hiring Process

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The hiring process is filled with back-and-forth communications, and that's why you should be texting. The average response time for texting is only 90 seconds, and it's the #1 way people choose to communicate.

You can text with applicants for all of the hiring process, including:

  • Scheduling and confirming interviews
  • Asking quick questions
  • Sharing interview tips
  • Following up after interviews
  • Sharing paperwork, and more!

Okay, great. You can text applicants to reach them quickly, but what are you supposed to say?

I’m going to share 18 examples of texts you should send during six stages of the hiring process. By the time you finish this article, you'll be able to fill jobs faster (and look better while you do it).

1. Confirm that you received applications.

One of the most anxious parts of the hiring process for applicants is waiting to hear that you got their application. You can ease the pain for potential employees - and reduce the number of "Did you see it?" messages you get - by simply confirming that you received their application via text.

You could automate these messages, so that they send whenever someone fills out a form, or you can manually text the person back whenever you lay eyes on their application. These texts could say:

“Hey Mark, we got your application. We will be in touch.”

“Thanks for applying! Look for a message from us in 2-3 weeks. - Carole at Awesome Company”

Texts like this not only help out potential hires by acknowledging that their applications have been received, they also establish a quick line of communication for when you need to get their attention again.

2. Get quick answers to common follow-up questions.

Once you’ve gone through the initial screening process, you want will want to gather more information from them like some references, certificates, and any additional questions such as - availability or reference numbers- to finish up their profile.

These texts could look like:

“Hey Jan, we want to move forward with your application. Can you send us 3 references?”

“Thanks for applying, can you let us know of any extra skills you might have that aren’t on your resume?”

“Hello Phil, We would like to know which days you are available to work throughout a typical work week.”

      “Hi Mike, for this position we need to make sure that you are CPR certified. Can you text us a picture of your certification.”

Getting these answers back quickly will help you with the decision process. Allowing you to move on and be more productive and for the applicant to understand what the next steps are.

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3. Schedule interviews quickly.

When you get a promising resume, you want to get that person on the phone or in the office ASAP. The trouble is that calling and emailing is hit-or-miss, and this lag in communication almost always delays your hiring process.

But what if you could reach applicants immediately to schedule interviews?

Since response and open rates are so high for texting, you can schedule interviews, whether you've got one person or dozens to interview. And on most phones, applicants can just click the date and time you agree on to save it to their Calendars.


“Hi Jan, we would like to schedule a phone interview with you. Does March 13, 2019, at 2:30 PM work for you?

“Hey Phil, we would like to congratulate you on moving forward with the hiring process. What times next week are you free to come by the office for an interview?”

4. Share interview tips.

As much as you want interviewees to come prepared, it never hurts to give them some helpful tips about what to expect or what could help them during the interview process.

This is great if you're with a staffing agency or HR departments, where you do the initial vetting before sending applicants to interview with a department head. You want them to look good and be prepared, because it makes you look good while helping the interview be more productive for everyone.

These texts could say things like:

“Hey, congrats on getting an interview! Quick tip, makes sure you arrive about 15 minutes early!”

“Hi Jan, before you interview you might want to read up on Instagram Live video marketing. That is something their marketing department is looking into.”

“Phil, when you come into your interview, make sure you highlight your military experience and your volunteering.”

“Hi Mike, this is Jamey. She'll be running your interview. [include photo]”

5. Send interview follow-ups.

After the first round of interviews, it’s time to either setup another interview or let applicants know they didn't get the position. If you're rejecting someone, you probably want to give them a call to soften the blow - or at least an email.

If you're moving someone on to the next stage of the hiring process, though, a quick text is great!

You can also use this time to make sure that the applicants are still interested in moving forward with you. You might send a text like the one below, and take the conversation from there.

“Hey Sydney, Congrats on the interview! We would like to schedule another interview with you.”

6. Share next steps (like paperwork).

After all of the interviews, if you or the appropriate company has decided to hire the applicant, you can follow through with the next steps such as:

“Hey Jan, congrats on getting the job! Here is a link to the paperwork you need to fill out before you can start. ourcompany.com/paperwork”

“Hey Mike, So happy for you that you got the job! When is the earliest you can start?”

“Hi Wendy, you have been hired! Here is a link to the benefits package page so you can take a look. newcompany.com/benefits”

“Frank! You start work this Monday! Make sure to bring closed toed shoes.”

If in the event you didn’t decide to hire them, you can offer them another opening in the company or if you are a staffing agency, another opening altogether.

“Sorry that you weren’t chosen for the job. But look at our other openings and fill free to apply for them. jobcompany.com/openings”

How To Start Texting During the Hiring Process

To start texting, you have to find a great texting platform. Text Request is an online texting software that allows you to text contacts from your computer or mobile app.

  • Group Messages - Send the same message to multiple applicants at one time.
  • Group Merge - Personalize messages with merge fields to fit the recipient when sending out a group message.
  • Scheduled Messages - Schedule reminders for interviews, deadlines, and tips.
  • Saved responses - Quickly send messages that you find yourself sending out regularly.

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