Schedule by SMS Share Text Reminders Keep the Cycle Going

SMS Scheduling: Keep More Appointments

Texting speeds up the scheduling process, prevents people from forgetting their slots, and saves your team a ton of time. Here’s how.


1. Schedule by SMS

Invite customers to schedule their first appointment by text.

Otherwise they won’t know they have the option to. This can be done with a call-to-action on your website or digital ads:

“Text us to schedule your appointment!” 

Have a calendar link ready to share with the customers who text you to schedule their appointment.


2. Share Text Reminders

Customers no-show because they don’t get reminders.

Text customers to confirm they’re still coming the day of or before their slot.

Include anything they need to know about the appointment in the message, like how long it will be or if they need to bring anything. Setting expectations prevents cold feet.


3. Keep the Cycle Going

Don't wait for the customer to reschedule. 

Text them to confirm their next appointment as soon as their current one is over. 

If they don’t book right then, send 'em a nudge when it's time for their next appointment or service. Include the same link to the form or calendar they used the first time, and they’ll know what to do next.

Want to dive deeper? Check out our guide to appointment scheduling by text messaging.

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