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Payment Reminders and Collections

Cut through the noise and reduce late payments with text messaging. We’ve done the work for you and created these pre-made text message templates to use alongside our Payments feature, as well as for your general collections outreach. 

Get ready for the smoothest payments experience possible through the channel your customers see and use the most!

Note that these text templates are intended to be examples you use to create your own. We do not recommend directly copying and pasting them into Text Request's Templates feature, without first editing them and their [brackets] to fit your needs. These [brackets] will not automatically pull custom info and are only meant to be placeholder examples.

25% to 30% of our clients make payments over text. No one wants to stand in line with an angry cat at a front desk to get their invoice. Text Request’s Payment feature eliminates that headache.”
Andrea Johnson, Founder

1. Send SMS Payment Requests That Get Seen

Create payment requests that send as SMS messages to customers with our Payments feature. With Payments, the amount owed and link to pay are automatically included when you send the payment request. Below are examples of what you can say in the optional 50 character message that goes along with them.

Template 1: “Your bill for [service]. See you next month!”

Template 2: “The [service] is completed and included [add-on].”

Template 3: “Your monthly bill for [product].”

Template 4: “Thanks for working with us!"

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2. Schedule SMS Payment Reminders In Advance

The #1 reason people haven't paid you is they've forgotten. That, and it’s a hassle to pay by mail or check. Texting for payments and reminders takes care of both those problems, so you can keep revenue flowing. Schedule these reminders in advance and let the rest take care of itself.

Template 5: “Hi [First Name], just checking in after your last service: [link] Finish making your payment by clicking that link.”

Template 6: “This is a friendly reminder that your next upcoming payment is [due date]. Clicking [link] will take you to our online payment portal.”

Template 7: “Hey [First Name], your next payment is due on [Date] [link] You can make it in person or online with the link shared.”

Template 8: “Your payment for [services] is due on [date]. Login to [link] to pay online, or call us to pay over the phone.”

3. Set Up Autoresponses to Direct Members to Payment Portals

Your business runs on cash flow and collections, so set up autoresponses that direct customers to your payment portal. Autoresponses work round the clock, so even after hours customers know exactly where to go to make a payment. 

This tactic works well if you have a specific text line for accounts receivable, or if you prompt people to text a keyword for bill pay info. That way you know each person is getting an autoresponse that is relevant to their exact need.

Template 9: “Thanks for texting [Company Name]! [link] will take you to your amount due.”

Template 10: “Our office hours are [time] through [time]. Use [link] to view your account balance and make a payment.”

Template 11: “Text us your name and question, and one of our reps will follow up shortly. You can also go directly to our payment portal [link] if you know what you need.”


4. Gather Information Required to Finalize Bills

Bills can’t get completed and sent to customers if you don’t have the required information to create them. Ping contacts for the details you need via text, and hear back within seconds. 

Template 12: “We still need [information] before we can process your payment. You can text it to us, or set up a call to share.”

Template 13: “[First Name], will you confirm your billing address for the card ending in XXX? You can call me at this number if it’s easier. Thanks!”

Template 14: “Your credit card ending in XXX was declined on your last payment. Would you like to schedule a phone call to share new payment info, or try a different method online?”

Template 15: “Thanks for choosing [Company Name] for your [service]. All we need is your [information] and we can finalize your payment.”

It’s amazing to send a message at 7 a.m. and get an immediate response, when we normally wouldn’t hear back for days over email.”
Christine Brown, Marketing Manager
Brown’s Insurance Agency, Inc.

5. Share Payment and Past Due Policies

Your accountants or debt collectors have guidelines and internal policies to follow. Use SMS templates like this to share them with customers.

Template 16: “Our SMS payment reminders follow the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA): [link] Open that link to learn more about what happens when you subscribe for our SMS payment reminders.”


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