What's the Most Popular Form of Communication in 2018? It's Still Texting

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According to a recent Gallup poll, "sending and receiving text messages is the most prevalent form of communication for American adults under 50."

That's an impressive figure, considering how many generations are represented in this study.

Millennials and teenagers are typically recognized as "Digital Natives." They've grown up on the internet and cell phones. But they're clearly not the only ones using these new technologies!

As the leader of the bunch, texting isn't just for Millennials. Texting actually became the most used form of communication in 2007. We just keep sending more and more messages!

We all text for 101 reasons every day! And it shows. Texting has cemented itself as our primary communications tool.

But is that all there is to it?

Texting is the Most Used Form of Communication for Adults Under 50

Mobile usage is so much larger than that. We spend hours a day on our phones, yet businesses are still behind the curve.

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Maybe you think, "Well, a lot of businesses work with older demographics, so it doesn't really apply there."

That's just not true.

Texting's the most common way for anyone under 50 to communicate, but even 80% of seniors own a cell phone! And they spend more than 42 hours a month on apps alone.

Texting SMS Mobile Smartphone Timeline

Mobile usage isn't limited to one generation, or to one purpose, for that matter. Mobile has created a massive cultural shift!

So how's your business responding?

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Why not use the world's #1 form of communication for conversations with your employees, and your customers, and your prospects, and anyone else?

Do you want to gain more leads? Do you want to service customers better? Would you like to leave people happier, and steal consumers away from your competition?

Of course you want these things!

So why not use a simple tool that everyone wants to use?

Stand out! Give the people what they want. Meet consumers where they are, and join the conversation.

Text with them.

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