15 Text Templates for Requesting Customer Reviews

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Consumers expect your business to have reviews they can read before they decide to take a next step with you. Your goal is to make sure you have enough of them to give potential customers an accurate picture of how great you are!

But how do you go about gathering those reviews?

Typically businesses send their requests via email, but it can take a while to see results that way when only 15% of emails are opened.

So what’s the best method to gather the most reviews in the shortest amount of time?

Some businesses that switch from email to text have been found to increase their amount of reviews by 58%! Texting is the number one way consumers prefer to communicate, and 99% of texts are opened.

It’s the ultimate channel to make sure your review request is seen, which is why we put together 15 text templates to help you start reaching out to customers for reviews via SMS!

Why should you text to ask customers for reviews?

70% of customers are willing to leave a review if you just ask them directly, and 76% of those asked will actually go on to leave a review when you text them. But you have to make it easy for them.

It’s much more simple for customers to begin the review process when the link to do so is directly in the body of a text.

Typically for every 100 customers you text for reviews, you can expect around 50 to follow through—which is a ridiculous return for your efforts!

“When we were doing email only, we were lucky to get 50 to 100 reviews a month, but after we implemented text we doubled that number to 150 to 180 reviews a month!” - Matt, STOR-N-LOCK

Below are fifteen text templates and the best opportunities to send them, so you can jump start your own SMS review request campaign!

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15 Text Templates to Request Reviews From Customers

1. Check in after product purchases.

Catching customers right after they’ve had a chance to enjoy your amazing product is the perfect time to ask for a review.

All you need to do is include their name and the product they purchased to make the request feel personalized. Text Request can help you do this at scale with our Text Merge feature that lets you automatically fill in your group messages with custom fields like “Name” or “Product.”

Template 1: “Hi [First Name], how do you like your [product]? Tell us at [link] - [Company Name]”

Template 2: “[First Name], thanks for purchasing your [product] from [Company Name]! Tell us about your shopping experience at: [review link]”

Template 3: “Hey [First Name], how was our online checkout experience? Give us your feedback at: [review link].”

Just make sure the customers have enough time to enjoy your product.

For example, you wouldn’t ask a customer who bought a weight loss drink powder if they were happy with the results the day after they bought it. But you could immediately text someone to ask if they’re happy with a piece of furniture.

2. Send reminders after short-term services.

Customers will be eager to leave you a review fresh after a successful service. So in addition to catching them at the checkout and verbally asking them for a review, you can also text them the review link to make sure they follow-up!

Getting the customer to say they’ll leave a review at checkout is just one more tiny step you can take to ensure you get the review. People are 65% more likely to do something if you get them to verbally commit.

Template 4: “Hey [Name], thanks for giving us feedback: [Link] See you next time!”

Template 5: “Hi [Name], here’s that review link we mentioned at checkout: [Link] Thanks for offering to leave us a review!”

Template 6: “Hey [Name], how’d we do today? Tell us at: [Link]”

Text Request will even let you schedule these messages in advance, which is perfect if you know the typical time the customer will be leaving their scheduled appointment.

3. Appeal to long-term clients.

Clients who consistently choose your business are the ones you know are happy and will most likely leave you satisfied reviews.

That doesn’t mean they’ll always do it on their own though, so shoot them a quick text asking for their feedback!

Template 7: “Hi [First Name], thanks so much for always coming to [Company Name] for your [Service]. Have a moment to tell us what we’re doing right? [Link] — [Rep Name]”

Template 8: “[First Name], thanks for being a part of the [Company Name] family! We’re offering discounts for our long-term customers, like you, who leave us reviews at: [review link] — [Rep Name]”

Template 9: “Hey [Name], it’s [Rep Name]. Could you leave us a review at: [Link]? We’re so grateful you always choose [Company Name]!”

Text Request’s groups feature makes it easy to categorize long-term clients into one place so you can also send them seasonal promotions and other goodies they’ll appreciate.

4. Ask happy clients who are already talking about their good experiences.

Sometimes satisfied customers will go out of their way to talk about you on social media, or even message you directly to say how happy they are.

Take time to direct those eager customers to your review link, so they can continue spreading the love in the places that’ll benefit you most.

Template 10: “Hi [Name], thanks for the love! Would you be interested in sharing your experience in a review: [Link]?”

Template 11: “[Name], thank you for mentioning us on Facebook! Could you also leave us a review at: [Link]? Thank you! - [Rep Name]”

Template 12: “Hey [Name], we’re so glad to hear you’re happy with your product! If you have time, could you share your experience here: [Link]”

Be sure to thank these customers for the love they already gave you before you direct them to your review link. You wouldn’t want to come off as unappreciative because they didn’t know exactly where to go to support you the first time.

5. Send a blast when your company is approaching milestones.

Sometimes you need an extra boost when your team is trying to hit company milestones or revenue goals.

Reviews can help you get that boost by generating leads and sales. In fact, positive reviews can produce an average 18% uplift in sales, and businesses that improve their review star rating by 1.5 out of 5 are estimated to receive 13,000 more leads!

So why not tip the scales in your favor, and reach out to customers to give you reviews that’ll boost your business?

Template 13: “[Name], guess what? [Company Name] is so close to reaching our [Goal] and we think just a few more reviews could help us keep the traffic coming. Want to help us out at: [Link]?”

Template 14: “Hi [Name]! Did you know that [Company Name] is only [Number] away from reaching [Goal] customers? As a long-time customer, your review could help us reach it: [Link]”

Template 15: “Hey [Name], we’re celebrating almost reaching [Goal] by giving customers who leave us a review some swag. Visit [Link] to help!”

You can even include images in these messages to grab customers’ attention and get them excited to participate in the milestone you’re trying to hit!

Engage with customers who leave reviews!

72% of people won’t take a next step until they’ve read your reviews. But they also want to see you interacting with the reviews you already have.

45% of people are more likely to choose you over competitors if you respond to negative reviews! So be prepared to step in and defend your reputation (or own up to a mistake).

Responding to reviews, negative or positive, is the perfect way to show off your dedication to satisfying customers!

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