5 Ways to Upsell Customers with Text Messaging

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Did you know that acquiring a new customer can cost up to five times more than retaining an existing one? That’s why you need to upsell current customers and increase your average order value.


There are two things to consider when upselling:

1. What to offer

2. Which channel to offer it on

Texts are the number one consumer preferred communication channel, and they have a 99% read rate (which is amazing when compared to email’s 15%)! Texts are proven to provide efficient results, while also being cost effective.

That’s why I’m going to show you five ways you can use text messaging to upsell customers. I’ll even sprinkle in a couple of message templates to help you get started!

Let’s jump in.

1. Send a follow-up text after an initial purchase.

Customers won’t return to your store on their own. Instead, shoot them a quick text showcasing your other related products and services after they make a purchase.

Consumers have a 60%-70% chance to make another purchase after they’ve already bought something from your business—especially if what you’re offering complements their initial purchase.

A good example would be for a music equipment store sending a promotion for their mic stands after a customer purchases a mic.

Here are two text templates your own business can use:

“Hello, [Name], thanks for shopping with us! Need a [product] to go with your [purchase]? Click here to check out our selections: [link]”

“Thank you for shopping! Check out these great accessories that others have bought with [product]: [link]”

Always include a link to your offer in the text, so the customer knows exactly where to go to make their purchase.

2. Ask customers about their experience.

Sometimes it’s not clear which product or service will pair well with what a customer has already purchased. That’s why directly asking them about their experience can be a great way to gauge what they need next. Then you can send personalized recommendations based on their response.

Here are a couple of ways you could start that conversation:

“Hey Mark, it’s been about a month since you purchased your new indoor bike. How are you liking it so far? Anything I can do to make your experience better?”


“Jane, how has the new jet ski been treating you? Anything I can help with to make it even better?”

The ideal situation is to get the customer to reveal a goal or desire they’re working toward. Then you can swoop in and base your upsell around that.

These interactions also make for great customer service moments, which in turn increases customer retention and referrals. It’s a win-win!

3. Text a discount code for a specific upsell.

Sometimes customers need an incentive to make another purchase. Texting them a code for free shipping or a discount can be the final nudge that gets them to take action.

The key is to make sure the code you text only works for a specific reward or product. That way it doesn’t get shared around, plus it makes the buying experience much more personal.

Here’s an example:

“Jane, here is a code for free shipping on your [product]! - Bizco”

4. Deliver eye-catching ads.

65% of people are visual learners who will be more engaged by visuals than they will by just words. That’s why including images in your texts will help you get more conversions.

Text Request makes it easy to add images into any message, whether it’s going to one or 1,000 people. You can even categorize your contacts into groups based on the kind of product or service you think will appeal to them the most.

Just make sure you also have a solid message to frame the visual ad, like this:

“Take a look at our new line of ties! [Tie 1] [Tie 2] [Tie 3]. They mix and match perfectly with our other line of men’s dress shirts. Check out the combinations here: [link]”

A good trick for promotional upsell images is to follow the rule of three. It states that when three products are displayed, consumers often go for the one placed in the middle.

So you can guide customers to choose the price point you most prefer depending on how you organize your text.

5. Time your texts around customers’ previous purchases.

Whenever customers regularly buy products and services, you need to plan ahead for when they’ll need to restock. That way you can reach out again when the time is right, and ensure they come back.

Text Request can help you schedule your message in advance, so they deliver at a time when you know consumers will be ready to make their next purchase.

This helps you stay top of mind and gives you an opportunity to promote other accompanying deals while you're at it.

“Hey [Name], did you know we offer a 20% discount when you restock your next order of [product] in advance? Check it out here: [link]”

How can you start texting to upsell?

Upselling is a great opportunity to boost your profits and increase the average value of a customer by 5%-25%!

You just need the right channel to make sure your message is seen, and we can help!

Just grab a time for a quick demo, and our team will show you how to use text to convert and upsell more customers.