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When I learned that 99% of text messages are opened within two minutes, I immediately wanted to try it out.

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We set out to bridge that communication gap.


We needed a professional platform to serve many customers at once.

Mosquito Joe provides pest control treatment services to residential and commercial customers. Our technicians are trained mosquito control experts dedicated to one thing—getting rid of mosquitoes so customers can enjoy being outside again.

Our product needs to be reapplied every three weeks as it naturally wears down from the heat and uv-rays. We used to notify all these customers that our technicians were coming the day before with emails. But 80% of emails are never even opened, and customers would rarely know our technicians were coming. We learned that texting worked really well, but the way we were doing it wasn’t efficient at all. We needed a professional platform to manage all our messages from a desktop.



An efficient way to manage multiple conversations.

Text Request offers a platform where our office staff can oversee the entire customer communication in real time. If they need to help, interject, or coach, they can do so without the customer even knowing. Everyone has their own line, which makes it easy to monitor each of our technicians individually. Our technicians and office staff also love being able to hold multiple conversations at once, instead of talking to customers one at a time on the phone.

Within one year, our customer service score (NPS) went from 59 to a 94 after we started using Text Request.”
Trey Powell, Franchise Owner
Mosquito Joe


Text Request makes it easy to keep customers happy.

The number of positive reviews we had spiked, and customers started mentioning how amazing it was to be able to talk directly to us through text messaging. Our success comes down to taking care of the customer—and we can’t properly do that if we’re not having a conversation with them and learning the specifics of what they need. People don’t like to complain, so it’s hard to tell when they’re 100% happy, but we’ve found that if we ask how the service is working over text, they’re more likely to give our technicians that final thing that can make our service 100% for them.

Text Request can help you fill the communication gap that’s preventing you from giving customers that final touch that makes them a customer for life. It’s the best platform for holding individual text conversations with customers at a mass scale for home service businesses.


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