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Professional text messaging software for non-profit organizations.

Community members, volunteers, staff. You have to communicate with a lot of people, but email and phone calls don’t cut it. Let us show you how Text Request will help you serve more people while making your daily life easier.

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You want to serve more people in your community. They would rather text your organization and get texts from you than call or email. You also have to coordinate with a lot of people constantly, and texting streamlines those communications.

Text Request gives your non-profit the tools it needs to text professionally and securely from your computer, smartphone, or any other device. Take a look at some of our non-profit messaging solutions below!

Inbound Conversations

People in your community need you, and they’d rather text. Sometimes that’s all they can do. Our SMS Chat lets them text you directly from your website so you can start more conversations and serve more people.


Giving is easier through text. Have new donors text in a keyword (like ‘GIVE’) and get a link to your donation page. Follow up with donors as needed for ongoing support and events.

Volunteer Coordination

Keeping volunteers in the loop and coordinating with them is tough. But Text Request makes it easy to text everyone newsletters, reminders, and more to keep your organization going with less hassle.

Community Relations

You’re constantly following up with people about volunteering, surveys, donations, updates, and more, but they don’t answer calls or emails. Text Request gives your team the power to grab their attention when you need.

Landline, VOIP Texting

Text using your office phone numbers to centralize your communications and make it easier for community members to reach you. Send SMS and MMS (picture) messages through your landline, VOIP, or toll-free phone numbers.

Secure Texting

As a non-profit, keeping client and donor information secure and anonymous is crucial. Everything inside Text Request is secure and permanently recorded, and you can text large groups of people without anyone knowing who else got the message.

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