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Text to give is a fundraising strategy where donors and supporters text a keyword—like "GIVE”—to your business phone number.

We’ve got pre-made text message templates to cover the entirety of your SMS giving campaign, from keyword opt-in messages, all the way to re-engaging donors the next time around. 

Note that these text templates are intended to be examples you use to create your own. We do not recommend directly copying and pasting them into Text Request's Templates feature, without first editing them and their [brackets] to fit your needs. These [brackets] will not automatically pull custom info and are only meant to be placeholder examples.

1. Create Your Fundraising Campaign's Keyword Opt-In Message

What will donors see when they text the keyword for your giving campaign? We recommend mentioning any fundraising events or efforts they’re directly supporting at the time, along with texting a link to the payment portal

Template 1: “Thanks for texting [keyword] to [Organization]! Use [link] to fill out our donation form.”

Template 2: “You've subscribed to updates on [Organization’s] fundraising campaign for [project]: [link] We’re only [amount] away from reaching our goal! Find out how you can contribute using that link.”

Template 3: “Hello, thanks for opting in to our text to give campaign! Click [link] to learn more about our cause and where to donate here.”

2. Follow Up With Donors You Haven’t Heard From In a While

Sometimes it just takes a quick update on what you're accomplishing to hook old donors again. Track when people are donating, so you can tap them once a reasonable amount of time has passed.

Template 4: “Hey [First Name], we’re still trying to meet our goal for [project]: [link] Check out updates on our progress and how you can help using that link.”

Template 5: “[First Name], did you know we’ve started another [project] for [cause]: [link] We couldn’t have finished the last one without the help of donors like you.”

Template 6: “Hi [First Name], just checking in to say how thankful we are for your help! Use [link] to see what current goals we’re trying to tackle, or learn how your contribution helped during previous campaigns.”

3. Share Your Donation Form and Raise Money

Once donors opt in to your list using your chosen keyword, you can start regularly sending them the link to your donation form. You just need a reason to tap them, which is why we recommend waiting for things like new projects, organization milestones, holidays, or coinciding marketing campaigns. 

Template 7: “[Name], it’s that time of year again: [link] Learn how you can help [cause] around [holiday] using that link.”

Template 8: “Hey, did you know we recently hit [milestone]? And it’s all thanks to you! Open [link] to see the scope of how you helped and what you can do next here.”

Template 9: “Hi! Text us your name and question, and one of our reps will respond shortly. [link] will take you directly to our payment portal if you know what you need.”

Template 10: “We’ve almost met our fundraising goals for the year: [link] Help us reach the finish line, so we can complete [project] and help [cause]!”

Template 11: “Happy Giving Tuesday: [link] Use that link to contribute!”

Some of our clients have seen a 62% increase in response rate with texting!”
Kevin Doran, Co-Owner
R&A Marketing

4. Thank Donors for Contributing to Fundraising Efforts

Donors want to see what their contributions went to. Texting them when you accomplish a goal, complete a major project, or break new fundraising records gives you another reason to reach out to them, beyond just asking for donations. That builds relationships and trust in your cause.

Template 12: “Want to see the impact you’re making in real-time: [link] Check out our livestream of [project].”

Template 13: “We just hit our goal of [amount]: [link] Stay tuned for updates on [cause]!”

Template 14: “Last year you contributed to [cause], and we’re proud to say that today we’re getting unveil the finish [project] your donation went into. Click [link] to see it.”

Template 15: “We have some special friends at [link] who want to say thank you for your [cause] donation!”

5. Re-Engage Donors to Keep Them Invested

Continuously engage donors over time with things like SMS newsletters, seasonal updates, events, and other text-to-donate campaigns. SMS marketing like that keep donors in the loop and you top-of-mind for when other fundraising opportunities pop up. 

Template 16: “Hi, [Name]! We’re still raising funds for [cause] and we recently accomplished [milestone].”

Template 17: “Click [link] to see your weekly [Organization] update.”

Template 18: “[Name], this time of year we always like to look back at what all we’ve accomplished together. Use [link] to see our impact.”

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