Why Most Businesses Wish They Could Text from a Business Number

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61% of businesses wish they could send and receive texts from a business number. That's a lot of people who all want the same thing!

It's interesting that most businesses understand the value and benefits of texting in the professional world, but haven't taken steps to meet their needs. There's such a simple solution!

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Today's workforce is composed primarily of Millennials (adults born roughly between 1980 and 2000). For this group - for the majority - texting is a natural form of communication. And these are the people who think texting would be a great tool for their businesses!

The trouble is, they need a way to text from something other than their personal cell phones. What options are there?

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Why Businesses Wish They Could Text with a Business Number

People would rather text you than have to call someone else, and if your direct competitors aren't already texting professionally, it's something that could give you a serious edge over them.

Adding texting as the third line of communication (to phone calls and emails) will open up a whole new realm of great experiences for your customers!

You'll be able to generate more leads, build better relationships with your clientele, and generally streamline your operations.

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Is everyone going to immediately start texting you instead of calling or emailing? Probably not. But like a screwdriver, texting should be a staple of your communications toolkit.

Although, since texting is so much simpler than calling or emailing (and removes the small talk), you'll actually be able to handle more communications in less time. So it might be something you want to push more customers towards.

Most people prefer to text, it will save you time, and it will help you boost your mobile engagement. It's what people want - customers and professionals!

The best part? You can add texting to your business number right now!

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