Why Businesses Wish They Could Text

Text Request Businesses want to text with Business number

61% of businesses wish they could send and receive texts from a business number.

It's intriguing that the majority of businesses seem to understand the importance and benefits of texting in the professional world, but still haven't really done anything about it.

It's such a simple need with such a simple solution.

Today's workforce is composed primarily of Millennials (adults between 20 and 40 years old, roughly). These are the ones for whom texting is a natural form of communication, and these are the same people that think texting would be a great option for both them and their clientele, if only they could do it from something other than their personal cell.

Truthfully, if you haven't already started texting, and you're not actively looking for a way to professionally text with consumers/customers/clients/etc., you're behind the times.

People would rather text you than have to call someone else, and if your direct competitors aren't already texting professionally, it's something that could give you a serious edge over them.

Adding texting as a third line of communication (to phone calls and emails) will open up a whole new realm for positive customer experiences, without creating more hassle around the office. You'll be able to generate more leads, build better relationships with your clientele, and generally streamline your operations.

Is everybody going to immediately stop doing everything else to start texting you? No. But the majority of people would rather text you than call somebody else for a simple question or need. And most people don't want to fill out another contact form, especially if they're on a mobile device (it's more difficult than it's worth).

In fact, since texting is so much simpler than calling or emailing (and removes the small talk), you'll actually be able to handle more communications in less time.

Most people want to text professionally because they understand the importance of being able to do things on your own time, of being virtually guaranteed to reach people every time, of saving time and money spent talking on the phone, of speeding up the sales cycle, and two dozen other advantages of texting as a business.

The best part? You can start doing this right now.