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Secure P2P texting for political and nonprofit campaigns.

Get voters’ and volunteers’ attention through SMS messaging. Let us show you how to scale 1:1 conversations and reach your audience instantly. Schedule your demo today!

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No one answers phone calls anymore, and only 1 in 6 emails is opened, but 99% of texts are read. You need a fast and effective way to reach voters and volunteers, and texting is the way to do it!

Text Request’s P2P SMS messaging software makes it easy for your team to text all of your contacts while remaining compliant and keeping conversations secure. Take a look at some of our competitive advantages below that you can use to win your campaign!

Local Phone Numbers

We’ll give you local area code phone numbers to make conversations more relevant. Or we can add Text Request to your local campaign office’s landline and VOIP phone numbers. Take your pick!

Competitive Pricing

Texting is incredibly valuable, and we offer far more cost-effective pricing than what’s offered in the marketplace. Visit our Contact page or use the SMS Chat in the bottom corner to get started!

Team Management

You’ll probably want lots of people texting at once, and Text Request makes that easy. Typing alerts, name and time stamps, and permanent records of messages ensure you can effectively manage conversations at scale.

Compliant Texting

Standard opt-out messaging and AI sentiment tracking ensures your entire organization stays compliant, and doesn't text anyone who doesn't want messages.


Make it easy for your network to give straight from their smartphones by sharing donation links with those who are interested. Send your giving through the roof!

Contact Management

Easily import contacts from your other tools, and sort contacts into specific groups based on engagement, geography, and other important factors.

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