Crucial New Study Brings Light to Franchise Texting

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At Text Request, we work with a lot of franchises to help them achieve their goals in this mobile-first era. Given what we do and who we work with, you can imagine our delight in seeing FranchiseHelp's latest study on franchise texting.

Even by our standards, the results are rather incredible!

In 2015, FranchiseHelp's most popular article was on consumers' preference for text messaging over phone calls. Franchise owners and franchise leads were really interested in what texting could do for them, so FranchiseHelp tried to answer that question.

Here's what they did, and why.

FranchiseHelp helps people wanting to buy a franchise find the best fit for them. Before spending extra time, though, they verify all of their leads. Is that person really interested?  

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To become a lead, each person has to give FranchiseHelp their phone number. This next part is fascinating.

Over 80% of the time, leads gave their personal cell phone numbers.

People didn't give FranchiseHelp a throw-away number, or even a business number that might have to go through a secretary first. 80%+ of the time, leads gave their cell phone numbers - a direct and privately held way to reach them.

Then FranchiseHelp started asking these people whether they'd prefer to be reached by call or by text.

Month over month, about 90% said they'd rather be texted. Only 10% preferred to communicate via phone call.

FranchiseHelp Texting vs Calling Communication Preference

Now, the most important finding here is not that people would rather text. We already (generally) what people prefer. For more on that, see these 73 Texting Statistics That Answer All Your Questions.

The most important finding here also wasn't how many people gave out their personal phone numbers, though you can see why that's valuable to any business trying to convert leads.

The most important result from this study - and the one that can have the biggest impact on your own business - is what happened after people were texted.

Everyone in this study was already a lead. They were interested. They'd already willfully given out their information.

FranchiseHelp reached out to verify whether a person was a hot lead worthy of the company's time. Any answer ("yes" or "no") counted as a response. And a "yes" response counted as a verification. Here's what happened.

With text messaging, FranchiseHelp received a response rate 209% higher than their response rate from phone calls. Even better, responses through text had 295% more "yes" responses than phone calls.

That's amazing!

What this shows is that texting leads does two things.

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First, texting leads creates superior engagement rates, when compared to phone calls. Second, engagement through text is far more likely to result in a conversion, when compared to phone calls.

FranchiseHelp goes on to say that they're unsure of why these rates are so in favor of texting over phone calls. To that, we believe we can add some value.

In fact, our top piece of 2015 was on that very topic! You can click here to read 10 Reasons Millennials Aren't Answering Your Phone Calls.

Phone calls are disruptive. They're distracting. People are constantly searching for better ways to do anything, and they've found texting to be a better means of communication.

Franchise texting in particular allows you to harness this preference to boost every aspect of your operations, from making sales to customer service.

Texting is what consumers prefer. Specifically, it's what your franchise absolutely needs to be doing. With Text Request, you can start texting leads in about five minutes. Just click the link below.

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