How Much Time Do People Spend on Media Every Day?

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Depending on which study you look at over the last few years, the average person spends roughly 8 - 10 hours engaged in media everyday. Impressive, huh? But is it really all that surprising? "Media" refers to TV, Netflix, radio, movies, podcasts, YouTube, and just about any app on your phone. When you realize how broad of a category "media" is, spending 10 hours a day on it really isn't all that much. Think about it.

When you wake up in the morning, you check your notifications, emails, etc. You might read a book. Perhaps you turn on the TV for a morning show. You probably read a few articles or watch a few videos you see shared on Facebook, Medium, LinkedIn, Twitter, or whatever your go-to source is. You listen to radio or podcasts on your way to work (somebody's got to support Mike & Mike). You might even stream some of this stuff while you're at the office!

At some point you'll get distracted on Facebook or LinkedIn. Heck, your job might be to be engaged in media all day! You listen to the radio or something on the way home from work. Maybe you watch an hour or two of some show, and recoup by scrolling through your mobile device. When you think about it, 10 hours a day seems a bit low.

Media is a staple of how we get through our days, stay informed, find entertainment, and keep up with contacts. Media is not evil, we're not all being brainwashed. It's simply a (rather large) facet of life, culture, and progress.

Someone is inevitably going to look at this - at the fact that we spend up to 10 hours a day (maybe more) invested in media - as outrageous, deplorable, even as a sure sign that the end is near! Think whatever you want, that's not the case. Think about all the gaps that would be created in your day and in your life if you took out media. You could get by and be perfectly content, I'm sure. But what you would miss out on - news, relationships, opportunities, fulfillment, progress, self-actualization - would far outweigh any benefit you would gain from disconnecting.

Technology is the driving force behind our media consumption. Technology progressively makes the things we want to do easier to do. At the heart of that innovation is the desire to build, to grow, to improve, and to develop. Sure, anything can be used to harmful effects. But 10 hours a day of media is not killing anybody. When used properly, media enables us to better ourselves and that which surrounds us. Don't look at this research in shock at what we do. Look at it as part of how we grow in ourselves, in business, and with others.