An online text messaging service for logistics companies.

Calling and emailing drivers and employees doesn't work like you want it to, and that gives you a huge headache! Take a look at how our texting software helps you connect faster and more reliably.

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Between recruiting and onboarding employees, and scheduling routes, there are a ton of communications happening in your logistics company every day. What if you could reduce the work it takes to get the job done, make your life easier, and even increase sales? Text Request will help you do that. Take a look at some of our logistics text messaging solutions below.

Hiring Employees

Schedule interviews faster, send (or schedule) reminders about paperwork and important dates, and even let applicants text you their resumes.

Driver Operations

Text all your drivers at once, or text a specific group, to fill routes in seconds.


Use Click-to-Text and SMS Chat on your website to start more conversations, and turn more viewers into prospects and customers.

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