4 Key Statistics to Help You Engage Consumers Better

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As a business - or any brand online - you need to be constantly interacting with customers and followers. Otherwise they'll forget all about you and move on to someone else.

But if you do regularly interact with people, and build relationships with them over time, they'll work with you as often as they can. 

Below we'll share some research to help you engage consumers better, build brand loyalty, and help your business grow in the process.

1. "One Click" Options

You're probably most familiar with Amazon's one-click purchase button, which makes sense, as it might be the most profitable option. In general, though, people love only having to make one click.

Amazon One Click Purchase Engagement

"Click-to-Call" buttons are used over 3,000,000 times every day, because clicking a button is such an easy way to make a call - or send a text, buy a product, download a ebook, or any of a hundred different things.

The question here is: What can you make a one-click option?

From your website, you can create one-click options to call you, to text you (Click-to-Text), to subscribe, to purchase a product from you, or to download a file or ebook.

Social media profiles already have a lot of one-click options built in (which is good). If you share an article or other link, people can view it with one click.

Click-to-Text Engage Mobile Consumers Better

The goal here is to think about how you can minimize the number of steps someone has to take to interact with you. Could you make things easier?

When you make things easier, you'll get more engagement, more sales, and more of everything else.

2. Time Spent on Social Media

Most people spend about two hours a day or more on social media. Some studies show that people spend as much as five hours or more on social media

We know where the people spend their time, but where are you?

If the goal is to engage more people for longer, then you need to find out where your targets are spending their time, and be active on that platform or website.

Check out the demographics of each major social media platform (below). Then focus your time on the one that has more of your targets.

Your targets are spending hours a day actively looking for things to engage with. Where are you?

Find a social media channel that fits your value and target audience, then spend time actively engaging people there.

3. Communications That Are Actually Answered

To better engage consumers, you need to be sure you can actually reach them when you want and need. The problem is that's easier said than done.

For instance, posts shared on your Facebook business page are only like to reach 2%-16% of your followers. To reach more, you'll have to pay to promote your posts, both on Facebook and other platforms.

What about other marketing or general communications?

Emails are popular for boosting engagement. They're good for it, too, usually bringing returns of $35-$45 for every $1 spent.

Email marketing is a numbers game, though, and you'll have to have a lot of subscribers to make up for the 75%-80% of emails that never get opened.

Texting - or sms marketing - is another good option, mostly because 99% of messages are read. If virtually everyone sees your message, your chances of engagement skyrocket.

4. Carefully Crafted Content

Blog content is arguably the best thing you can use to engage consumers better. You can use it bring in traffic from search engines like Google, share it all over social media, and send it to your subscribers in emails.

The problem is that over 200,000 pieces of content are published every minute of every day.

You'll never be able to keep up by simply creating more content. The way to stand out is by going above and beyond in your blog content, to make sure it's 10X better than anything else out there.

If your content is 10X better than everything else, you'll bring in far more traffic, get more shares, and better engage consumers in general.

For more details on creating 10X content and driving organic traffic, view our case study: How We Grew Organic Traffic 120% in 5 Months with 4 Simple Steps

Wrapping Up

There are a lot of ways to engage people, and the research given above is here to help you better engage consumers.

When you know more, you can do more. Specifically, you can start building the connections needed to grow your brand. Just follow these four points, and you'll be off to a great start!

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