Why Is It So Important to Engage Consumers?

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Let me ask you a question. How many times do you get distracted a day? Advertisements take a person's attention away from their tasks 150+ times everyday. The average American checks their phone 150 times a day. We're not making this stuff up! From only two areas, the average person is distracted more than 300 times a day. Now let me ask you: Why do you think it's so important to engage consumers?

As a brand, your goal is effectively to gain command of consumers' time and dollars. If you were the only brand in existence, this would be easy! But you're not. There are dozens, hundreds, even thousands of other brands who provide something similar, with whom you're competing against on a daily basis.

Consumers likely spend more time being distracted than they spend being productive. The problem is that you need their attention if you want consumers to remember your name or hand you their money. You have to grab their attention, and you have to keep it.

It's so important to engage consumers, to do so regularly and often, because they have short attention spans and small working memories. That's just how we're neurologically programmed. When a want or need comes up, consumers are going to go with the first brand they think of to satisfy that want or need. It's so important to continually engage consumers so that you can be the one who comes to mind first.

Know that consumers are not distracted so many times a day and forget things so easily because they're dumb. People are generally intelligent, capable, and trying to grow. But a human brain can only handle so much information at once, and there's always so much going on! How many sponsored posts do you pass scrolling through social media? How many texts do you get a day? What about emails? How's your to-do list? What do you have going on at home? People aren't trying to be distracted. It's an inevitable part of our daily lives!

One of your goals, especially when it comes to marketing, has to be holding consumers' attention. Maybe it already is. Good! If you're not actively striving to keep consumers engaged, you're going to suffer. It's so important to engage consumers, because their attention is going to be taken one way or another. If not by you, then by whom?