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Lawn Care

Text messaging solutions for lawn care and landscaping companies.

You have to communicate with lots of customers to schedule services and bring in revenue. The problem is they don’t answer calls or emails! Grab a quick demo to see how our SMS and MMS services will your solve your communication problems.

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Customers don’t answer calls or emails. That makes it difficult to bring in new business and to keep up with existing customers. So how can you connect with them faster and more consistently? By Texting!

Text Request’s text and picture messaging service makes it easy for your team to text with customers using your business phone numbers. Take a look at some of our lawn care texting solutions below to see what value they’ll bring your company!

Lead Generation

Prospects would rather text you for a quote than call or fill out forms. Text Request’s SMS Chat and Click-to-Text features let them text you straight from your website! These are proven to increase your inbound leads and your overall sales, too.

Appointment Scheduling

Scheduling and confirming appointments is a pain when you’re calling everyone. Use Text Request to get new appointments on the books, confirm services, and save hours of time every week!


Seasonal work is huge for you, and you can capitalize on it by sending promotions to all your customers. All it takes is one text to increase revenue. You can also text to share discounts, or pictures of what customers’ yards could look like with your help.

Online Reviews

Prospects check out online reviews before reaching out, and the company with the most reviews is normally who earns the business. Text customers your online review link, and earn up to 600% more online reviews compared to emailing.

Internal Communications

Revenue is great, but you also have to keep up with all your teams. Use Text Request for employees to check in when they arrive at or leave locations. They can even text in pictures of their work.


The #1 reason people don’t pay on time is because they forget! Solve this problem with timely text reminders, and include links to pay online (if available). Send these messages as needed, or schedule them in advance.

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