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An online business texting software designed for marketing agencies.

Customers want to text with your clients, but you need a solution for your agency to handle conversations while also generating leads and sales. Text Request is the perfect tool! Schedule your demo to see for yourself.

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Customers hate answering the phone, and email is a black box. You know that to reach customers quickly, you’ve got to text them. But how can you manage these conversations and campaigns? Better yet, how can you get more customers directly reaching out to your clients for sales and service?

Text Request gives you a professional way to text using your business phone numbers, so you can generate more leads, sales, and reviews for clients. Plus, it’s easy to manage multiple dashboards under one account, making it perfect for your agency. Check out more of our SMS and MMS messaging solutions below!

Lead Generation

Customers would rather text businesses to start sales conversations. Our SMS Chat and Click-to-Text let them text your clients straight from their websites, which has proven to increase leads and conversion rates.


New products, seasonal offers, events ‒ sometimes you need to get one message out to lots of people to drive actions. Our BCC group messaging and merge messaging make this a breeze.


As a marketing agency, you need to track everything. We get that. You can track leads by ad campaigns, response rates, and more to easily show clients how great a job you’re doing for them.

Customer Service

When there’s a question or problem, customers want help ASAP. Text Request’s multi-user dashboards, autoresponses, and other features make communications faster and more convenient for everyone.

Online Reviews

More online reviews leads to more sales and revenue. Businesses who use Text Request to ask for reviews via text commonly see up to a 600% increase in online reviews!

Tiered Dashboards

Toggle between multiple dashboards, so you can manage all your clients’ texting under one account. Each dashboard also has its own tiered permissions, so clients can see their Text Request dashboard without seeing everyone else’s.

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