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A business texting service for mechanics and auto repair shops.

You need to schedule services, give updates, and earn online reviews, but your customers don’t answer calls or emails! See how Text Request’s texting software helps you connect instantly.

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You’ve got to communicate with customers to schedule service appointments, share updates, and get feedback, but no one answers your phone calls! Emails get ignored, and no one listens to your voice.

If you want to reach your customers, you’ve got to be texting with them, and that’s exactly what Text Request makes it easy to do. Check out some of our online texting solutions below to see how your auto mechanic and repair shop can bring in new business while making your life easier!

Lead Generation

9 in 10 customers want to text you for sales and service. With Text Request’s SMS Chat, they can text you directly from your website. Proven to increase leads and appointments.


Your team’s busy and can’t always answer the phone. Neither can customers. Make sure no one ever misses a call by texting to quickly schedule services. You can also schedule appointment confirmations in advance!

Updates & Reminders

You always have to get approval from customers to move forward with repairs. Texting gives you a 90-second average response time so you can get updates instantly. Then text customers when their vehicles are ready for pickup.

Online Reviews

The shop with the most online reviews earns the most new business, and businesses that use Text Request get 600% more online reviews than those who don’t.

Parts Ordering

Customers want to know if you’ve got what they need. Text pictures back and forth with customers to get the right parts ordered while skipping all the hassle.

Landline Texting

Text and call with the same business phone number! Nothing changes to your voice service, but you get everything Text Request has to offer (which is a lot).

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