Customers Want to Be Able to Text You

Text Request People wish text conversation with business

People want to text. Your customers want to text.

If you don't believe that, look around. The average cell phone owner under 50 sends and receives over 85 texts every single day!

People texting with people is a staple of everyday communication. It's just what we do. Want to catch up with family? Text. Need a report finished? Text. Confirming a meeting? Text. Seeing if so-and-so wants to do dinner? Text.

The go-to form of communication for the majority of the world's population is text messaging.

That's for person-to-person. Where is this in business communication? A lot of businesses use automated marketing texts, but where's the conversation with a real person through text? That's how we communicate. Businesses should as well.

Real-time, two-way text messaging is the largest void in business communication.

The worst part about it is that this gaping hole is leaving millions of people dissatisfied with service options and with companies as a whole.

89% of consumers want another customer service option. 79% are unhappy with what's currently provided to them. And (at least) 78% of people who text wish they could have a text conversation with a business.

As a business, you know that you have to give customers what they want, or they're not going to work with/buy from you. What most customers want these days is an easier way to do things. So give them an easier way to communicate with you.

Most website traffic comes from mobile devices. When someone's on your website, which they probably found on their smart phone, how easy would it be if they could just click a button that opened a text addressed to your business? Very easy.

There's two main benefits of this.

One - people prefer texting, generally, because they can do it as much as they want on their own time, without having to worry about it interrupting their day.

Two - Customers absolutely detest waiting on hold, they don't like live chat options because they have to stay in one place to use them, and it takes too long for people to read and respond to emails to act as a real-time conversation.

But people love the flexibility of texting. They can carry on short or lengthy conversations whenever they want throughout the day.

Billions of conversations are had through text every single day. The overwhelming majority of consumers are currently unhappy with customer service options. They want to text with your business.

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