5 SMS Marketing Myths That Could Be Ruining Your Strategy

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Did you know that texting is the highest rated contact method for customer satisfaction compared to all other communication channels?

That’s right - your ideal customers likely prefer SMS messages over the emails, social media posts, or PPC advertisements you’re working so hard to master.

But if you’ve neglected text marketing, you’re not alone.

There are many myths about using SMS marketing to engage and convert potential customers. Things like:

  • Does SMS really work?
  • Should it be an investment for any type of business, or just those with big budgets?
  • What’s the ROI?
  • And is it tricky to get started?

If those questions are whizzing around in your head, fear not.

Below I’m busting five common SMS marketing myths to help you decide whether text messaging should play a role in your marketing strategy.

(Spoiler alert: It should.)

Text is the most used feature on a smartphone

1. SMS marketing performs worse than other strategies.

Many people assume that email marketing beats SMS marketing in terms of response, open and conversion rates.

That’s not surprising - especially when the average ROI for email is 40%. But it’s a myth.

SMS marketing trumps email in the response, open, and conversion rate averages.

Don’t believe me? The average click-through rate (CTR) for email marketing campaigns fall between 6 and 7%, but the average CTR for text messages is a whopping 45%.

The same applies for the volume of people clicking to view your marketing messages too, where the average open rate for email is between 28-33%, but the average open rate for SMS is 99%:

That’s a huge chunk of people who are more likely to open and engage with your sales and marketing texts, rather than emails!

2. It doesn’t work for businesses targeting older people.

It’s a common misconception that older people don’t use smartphones.

Therefore, it makes sense for businesses targeting older generations to ditch mobile marketing and stick to offline strategies like radio and billboard advertising, right?

Not necessarily.

67% of adults over the age of 50 own a smartphone - and just 6% don’t use a mobile phone at all.

Pew Research Smartphone Ownership Across Advanced Economies

That’s great news for businesses targeting older generations, especially since the average person checks their mobile phone 85 to 150 times every day!

But your older audiences don’t need to be huge social media and mobile internet users. They just need a basic phone and the ability to read text messages!

3. Text message marketing only works for big companies.

Did you think that SMS marketing only works for big companies with even bigger budgets?

That’s a myth.

Just take one of our customers, Tangerine Salon, who use SMS marketing to book 2,000 appointments in their salon every week.

The best part? They’re not a huge company with marketing budgets the size of Amazon’s or Google’s. They’re a regular SMB who’ve made texting with customers a huge revenue source for their business.

4. Commercial text messages feel spammy.

Marketing texts have gained a reputation for being spammy, especially those that come from short code numbers instead of from 10-digit phone numbers.

However, it doesn’t seem like consumers have that same interpretation.

About 75% of people say they would like to receive offers via SMS, and 66% of people who are already subscribed to a company’s text message marketing list have made a purchase after receiving just one message.

That’s an incredible return!

Here are a couple of examples you might send:

Good morning! We’re offering $100 off new HVAC installations now through 3/20. Reply to book your installation and save money! - Local HVAC Business

Just in! 30% off all new arrivals now through Sunday! Come by the store or order online at www.ourboutique.com/new-arrivals!

I’ll bet those messages don’t feel too commercialized or spammy. And since they’ve given their audience an incentive to buy, they’re bound to convert some of their list.

5. It’s tricky to manage SMS campaigns in-house.

You don’t need to pass a single mobile phone around your sales department to manage SMS campaigns.

In fact, you can use software (like Text Request!) to send texts, respond to questions, store contact details, and view your SMS marketing campaign results from your PC:

Want to get in on this action? Get started for just $49/month by clicking here.

3 Quick Tips to Get Your New SMS Marketing Strategy In Place

Ready to start your SMS marketing campaigns and earn sky-high returns?

Just like any other marketing technique you’re testing, you’ll need to craft an A+ strategy before hitting “send” on your new message. Here are three quick tips to get your SMS marketing strategy in place for the best chances of success.

1. Set your goals or KPIs.

Do you know what you’re working toward? Set the goals you’d like to meet when making your plan of action - whether that’s an 80% open rate, 5 new sales, or just engaging 1,000 people on your list.

2. Collect your audience’s details.

Do you already have your contacts’ mobile phone numbers? If not, how are you going to collect those numbers?

For example: You could add another field to your contact form, or email your subscriber list asking if they’d like to receive exclusive offers via text. (People love exclusive offers.)

3. Be GDPR compliant.

Check your compliance. Do you have permission to contact these people? (If they’ve given you their cell phone numbers, then you probably do.)

If you’re texting in Canada or the EU, do you comply with new GDPR regulations? Follow this guide to make sure you’re staying on the right side of GDPR laws when sending text messages.

Final Thoughts On Using Text Marketing

Now that you understand what value SMS marketing can bring to your business, it’s time to lay the foundation for a good strategy and get to work.

Set your goals, understand your audience, and collect the data you’ll need to craft effective campaigns the re-engage (and re-sell) your contacts.

I’m sure you’ll be experiencing these benefits in no time! To learn more about Text Request and see how it will help your SMS marketing, click here to grab a time for a quick call or demo.