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Online SMS texting to grow your medical practice.

It's difficult to bring in new patients while providing great care to current patients, and to make sure all your appointments are filled. But it's a lot easier with Text Request. Let us show you how.

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No-shows and cancellations are real problems that you struggle with. We can solve those problems, and bring you more new patients at the same time. How does that work?

5X more people respond to texts than to phone calls or emails, and Text Request is the online texting service that makes it easy for your practice to handle text conversations. Take a look at some of our medical office solutions below.

Appointment Scheduling

People rarely respond to emails and phone calls anymore, but everyone reads their texts. By texting patients to schedule and confirm appointments, you'll keep more appointments on the books (and increase your revenue).

Lead Generation

Most web searches come from mobile phones, and most of those searchers would rather text you than call. With Text's Click-to-Text features, patients can text you straight from your website and Google listing - bringing you more patients with less effort.


Trying to fill last minute appointments? Changing office hours for the holidays? Running a new special? Tell people what's going on with Text Request's group messaging. Send the same message to as many people as you want. Replies come back to you, not the group.

Internal Communications

You and your employees communicate a lot. Whether it's for shift hours, quick updates, or another reason, Text Request centralizes your communications for everyone to see.

Online Reviews

People want to make sure they're going to have a good experience before they schedule an appointment with you. That's why online reviews are so important. You'll earn exponentially more reviews by asking patients through Text Request.

Customer Service

Patients always have questions and concerns, but they're sick of waiting on hold. With Text Request, patients can text your same business phone number with their questions. You can follow up via text or call them back when you're free.

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