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SMS Opt-Ins: Grow Your Contact List

Opt-ins, or people who ask to receive texts from you, are the foundation of your text messaging strategy. Here are three tips to getting more, so you can grow a healthy contact list and stay on good terms with carriers.

1. Advertise Keywords

Folks text a keyword once, then you message them again and again.

The easiest way to entice consumers to opt in is to advertise a keyword—like SUBSCRIBE or DEALS. Customers text these keywords to learn more about your business or earn discounts.

Tell customers the kinds of messages they can expect to receive, how often you’ll send them, plus why they benefit them, and they’ll be more likely to text your keyword. 

2. Put SMS Chat on Your Website

People can’t opt in if they don’t know texting you is an option.

SMS Chat displays your business’s texting capabilities across your entire website, by giving people the power to text you from any page. That way folks know they can text your business for help as soon as they find you. 

The moment someone uses SMS Chat to text you, they also opt in to receiving other messages from you. That’s a win-win for you and the customer.

3. Add an Option to Your Forms

Customers have to fill out your forms anyway. Add an SMS section.

Providing a place for contacts to enter their phone number is one the most tried and true ways to get opt-ins. Just be sure to include a disclaimer that tells contacts:

  1. That you plan on using their phone number to text them

  2. The kinds of messages you’ll send

Expressed written consent, like this, is one of the best ways to make sure you have your compliance bases covered. 

Want to dive deeper? Check out our Ultimate Guide to Compliant Texting.


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