5 Reasons Why Millennials Prefer Texting Over Voice Mail

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Over 90% of people who text, prefer texts over voice mail. To put that in perspective, 95% of American adults own a cell phone, and virtually all of them text.

But why do we prefer texting over voice mail? You have to go through the same number of steps to get the message either way. What's the difference?

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Also, when someone doesn't answer your call, it's probably easier to leave a voice mail than to hang up and text them. You're already on the call!

But that's not what most people want to do.

Please hang up and text me meme

Simply put, texting is just how people communicate these days. If that doesn't resonate with you (or even if it does), here are 5 reasons why people - particularly Millennials - prefer texting over voice mail.

1. Voice mail usually takes too long.

Often, the voice mail we get come with more annoyances than solutions. On the off chance there's something valuable, we turn off the message before it stops playing to either text or call the person back.

Voice messages aren't exactly full-length speeches, but the little bit of extra time it takes to get a small piece of information makes us want something different.

2. Voice mail is impersonal.

Who are the people that normally leave voice mail?

There's your mother - maybe your grandmother - who rambles on about how she "just wanted to check in and see how things are." There's the client you're not very close with asking you for something. And there's the salesman calling back for the umpteenth time.

Keep calm and text friends

When someone close to you wants to get in touch, they either message you on social media or text you. So when you see a voice mail, you know the person who left it is outside your normal communications circle.

At that point, why bother communicating with the person at all?

3. Voice mail can be difficult to hear.

How often are you around other people? How many times have you been self-conscious about others overhearing your calls and voice messages, or had to leave a room because it was too loud?

Texting is just easier.

How many times have you had to replay a voice message to understand what was said, or to write down a number? This is a hassle, and text messaging provides a simple solution.

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4. Voice mail still makes you write a message.

A message should be something given to you that you can instantly run with, not something you have to replay three times and take notes on before it's worth anything.

People Prefer Texting Over Voice Mail

If somebody texts you, you already have a written record of everything you need to know, and the best number to reach that person. You can also keep an unlimited number of texts saved, instead of needing to empty your voice mailbox every so often.

5. Voice mail carries no urgency.

If it's not urgent, people are going to forget about it. If someone can't answer your call, there's good (perhaps better) chance they won't be able to listen to your voice mail soon either.

But most texts are read within 3 minutes, and you can choose whether to pay attention to that message immediately or leave it for later.

Voice mail was great back in the day, but it's not how we like to communicate anymore. And according to Coca-Cola and JP Morgan Chase, it causes more problems than it solves!

That's why people prefer texting.

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